Why a signed print is easier to gift than a video message

Custom signed celebrity art prints from Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway from Deep Space Nine
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When it comes to gifting, we all want to give something special and unique to our friends and loved ones. One way to do that is by getting a signed art print from a celebrity, such as those available on sijyl.com.

A customs singed celebrity art print is easy to give as a gift

A signed art print from a celebrity is a great gift for several reasons. First, it's a physical item that your friend can hold and display in their home or office. This adds a personal touch and allows them to incorporate personalized art into their home decor and enjoy everyday. 

A video message from a celebrity isn’t as easy to gift as a physical item. First of all, the recipient usually needs to download an app in order to watch their video. This process can be a little clunky and can take a away from the true surprise of receiving a gift. 

A custom singed celebrity art print doesn’t get lost

Additionally, giving a video message as a gift means that the recipient might watch the video a few times, and then the video just gets lost in an ever growing archive of content stored on their phone. A video message easily gets lost in the daily shuffle and grind of life while a signed art print hanging in their home is a piece of decor that will be enjoyed on a daily basis. 

A signed art print is a highly collectible item.

As a fan of the celebrity, your friend will likely appreciate the fact that they have a one-of-a-kind piece of art signed by their favorite actor, author, musician or public speaker. This can make each signed art print a sentimental keepsake they’ll enjoy for years to come. And because there are new famous faces joining Sijyl on a regular basis, they might want to add to their collection and order more signed prints from more of their favorite celebrities from different genres. 

A custom signed celebrity autograph sparks a conversation 

A signed art print is a more thoughtful and personal gift than a video message from a celebrity. While a video message is certainly a nice gesture, it isn’t quite as much of a conversation starter as an autographed art print hanging on a wall. A custom signed art print from a favorite celebrity is a simple piece of home decor that’s easy to talk about, show off to your friends and sparks an exciting conversation when entertaining friends. This makes it a more special and meaningful gift.

It’s a unique connection 

Signed art prints from a celebrity allows your friend to connect with the star in a unique way. By signing the art print, the celebrity has added their personal touch and made it a truly special item. This can provide your friend with a sense of connection to the celebrity and their art, which can deepen their appreciation of the gift.

In contrast, a video message from a celebrity can feel impersonal and distant. While it's certainly nice to receive a message from someone you admire, it doesn't have the same level of personal connection as a signed art print.

A signed print is a wonderful gift because it allows someone to keep a piece of art that means something to them.